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Revolution Brewing adds Lucy Parsons tribute to benefit local women’s and children’s charity

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Lucy Parsons is in YES! Magazine


Lucy Parsons is on the cover of this:

Awesome new, popular book by Kate Schatz, a New York Times Bestseller

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Bitch Magazine


New Library in Brooklyn

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This image says it all

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Celebrated in LatinX History & Black History


Mikki says it:


#TeamSwirl is huge on the web, in magazines and on Twitter

Look at Albert & Lucy Parsons below

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Louis Lingg is still HOT, hot headed and hot blooded too.


He turns up routinely in lists of Historical Fetish sites like:

‘My Daguerreotype Boyfriend’ and ‘Bangable Dudes in History’

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The Haymarket Mysteries continue to astound:

The Case: History Detectives explores a major labor movement uprising and Parsons’ abiding acts of defiance:

Amid the stacks at the Wesleyan University Library, a student has found a book emblazoned with the name and address of the legendary anarchist Lucy Parsons. The biracial black and Native American activist fought in the late 1800s for the rights of the poor and disenfranchised in the face of an increasingly oppressive industrial economic system.

Did this once-feared radical own the manifesto? If so, it would pose a mystery: after Parsons died, police supposedly raided her house and confiscated all of her subversive literature. So how did this book elude them?”

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Drunk History

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Second most popular spec script sales in all of 2013 are those with “explicitly politically charged content”

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#LucyLives in Punk movements and always has


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Big in Texas


Brazilian fans of the project from Florianopolis translate the synopsis for us:


Be mine. In struggle. Or not. #anarchistvalentines

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